The following periodic tables are designed for students. The first is optimized for color printing, the second for black-and-white. The third is blank for student exercises. Information included: Atomic number, element symbol, element name, molar mass (4 significant figures), electronegativity, common ions and their stock system names, electron configuration, electron blocks, lattice structure, density, 1st ionization energy, average covalent radius, melting point, boiling point, family names, family names. All three tables are in the public domain:

A Periodic Table of the Elements for Students (Color) (.pdf)

A Periodic Table of the Elements for Students (Black-and-White) (.pdf)

A Blank Periodic Table  of the Elements for Students (Black-and-White) (.pdf)

The following files are for printing element flash cards (upper and lower cases). It is recommended that they be printed on white two-side printable 2″ x 3.5″ business cards (10 per sheet). Avery 5877 or equivalent is recommended. Print the front side using the first file, feed the printed sheets to print the reverse side using the second file, and then remove the perforated frame.

Element Flash Cards – Front (.pdf)

Element Flash Cards – Reverse (.pdf)

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