The “florilegium method” of study in the humanities is a fruitful approach to the preparation of students for either college or the seminary. The philosophy underlying it is expressed in the following introduction and diagram:

Introduction to the Florilegium Series (.pdf)

Florilegium Method Diagram (.pdf)


The first installment in the series is the Roman History. It consists of an outline and a reader in two volumes:

Outlines of Roman History (Medium Resolution) (.pdf)

Outlines of Roman History (High Resolution) (.pdf) – available upon request

Florilegium of Roman History: First Volume (.pdf)

Florilegium of Roman History: Second Volume (.pdf)


This page will ultimately contain:

Outlines of Greek History (.pdf)

Florilegium of Greek History: First Volume (.pdf)

Florilegium of Greek History: Second Volume (.pdf)

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