The following essay critiques the existential Thomism of Étienne Gilson from both a philosophical and theological perspective. While preserving the emphasis of the existential Thomists on the act-of-being (actus essendi) or to-be (esse) of both God and created beings (entia), it introduces a distinction between the to-be of existence (esse existentiae) and the to-be of subsistence (esse subsistentiae) that yields a better accord with the writings and doctrine of St. Thomas. The traditional interpretation of the real distinction between essence and existence, as well as their composition in created beings, is upheld. The essay also suggests in what way a proper understanding of subsistence, one in keeping with the mind of the Common Doctor, is able to reconcile the new ecclesiology of subsistit in to the traditional ecclesiology of “est”.

Existence and Subsistence in St. Thomas (.pdf)


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